Tides II Homeowners Association
Tides II is Sweetwater’s newest residential community and was chartered in February 2016. Its 30 one-story condo villas  are all located on Surfbird Circle and were built between late 2014 and late 2015.  There are two end units and two interior units in each of seven buildings, and two units in an eighth building. Each villa features two bedrooms, two baths, and entry foyer, a den, a two-car garage and a screened-in lanai. Tides II is governed by a three-member board of directors who are elected by the unit owners and serve three-year terms on a rotating basis. Board members also serve as the homeowner association’s architectural review committee. Tides II is managed by First Service Residential.
The Tides II Board of Directors
The Tides II annual meeting is held each February, and the Budget Presentation meeting for the succeeding year is held in late October.  Additional Board meetings are held during the year as necessary, and notifications are sent to residents at least 48 hours in advance. The Annual Budget Meeting is held in October.
Members of the Board

John Cochrane, President
John Gray, Treasurer
Pat Land, Secretary Committee
Meeting Minutes Archive: Go to the "Residence Tab" and click on Resource Center in the drop-down box to view all the "Meeting Minutes".
Tides II Committees
  • Architectural Review2023 Meeting Schedule
Maintains the architecture and landscaping integrity of the Tides II community and is administered by the Board of Directors.
  • Building & Grounds Committee
Ensures the full functionality and aesthetics of the Tides II structures and common area infrastructure.
Waste Collection
  • Garbage- Wednesday
  • Recycle- Wednesday
    • Tides II residents purchase their own garbage can. If you do  not have a recycle bin, you may pick one up at the front desk in Summerland Hall.
  • Place waste at sidewalk any time after 5:00 pm, the day before pickup.
  • Here is a list of acceptable items to recycle. Please make certain that recycled items are cleaned and dry.
Mailboxes at Tides II
The Mailbox kiosk and adjoining area is shared with The Tides, but individual mailboxes are the responsibility of respective unit owners. If a lock on a mailbox fails, it is the owner’s responsibility to repair or replace it.
Speed Limit within Tides & Tides II is 15 mph.
Parking in Tides II
  • Each unit is limited to no more than two vehicles at any time. Parking one vehicle in the driveway is permitted, provided it is close to the garage and does not block the adjacent sidewalk along Surfbird Circle. Golf carts or motorcycles must be parked in the garage and count as one of the two vehicles allowed.
  • Parking on the street, curb, or blocking the sidewalk while on the driveway is not allowed at any time.
  • Residents and/or occupants are not allowed to park in any guest places with two exceptions:  when picking up mail at the mailbox kiosk, and when visiting another Tides II or Tides residence beyond walking distance.
If an owner/resident has another reason for parking in a guest parking, he or she may contact the Property Manager with the request.