The Tides is a condominium community of 44 two story buildings in Sweetwater located in the southside of Jacksonville, Florida. There are six, eight and ten units in various buildings. The units range from 1400 to 1800 square feet each having a one car garage and a screened in lanai. All residents have access to all the amenities in Sweetwater.
The Tides Board of Directors
The Tides board of directors are an elected board of residents. The board enforces the governing documents, maintains the value of the property, conducts board and annual meetings, sets goals for the association and maintains the association's financial stability.  
Current Members of the Board

Dennis Davignon - President - president.tides@gmail.com
Dory Bishop - Vice President
Annette Popielarz - Secretary
John Laino - Treasurer
Charles Stein - Director
Meeting Minutes Archive: Go to the Residents Tab and click on "Resource  Center" in the drop-down box to view all the TBD Meeting and Annual Meeting Minutes.
Tides Committees
        Ensures the overall financial stability and integrity of the Tides. 
        Ensures the full functionality and aesthetics of the Tides common area infrastructure.
Community Documents and Forms
Waste Collection
  • Garbage- Wednesday mornings
  • Recycle- Wednesday mornings
    • Tides residents purchase their own garbage can. If you do  not have a recycle bin, you may pick one up at the front desk in Summerland Hall.
  • Place waste at sidewalk any time after 5:00 pm, the day before pickup.
  • Here is a list of acceptable items to recycle. Please make certain that recycled items are cleaned and dry.
Mailboxes at the Tides
The mailbox structure and area are common property, but the individual mailboxes are the owner's responsibility. If a lock on a mailbox fails, it is the owner's responsibility to repair it. 
Speed Limit inside Tides & Tides II is 15 mph.
Parking in the Tides
  • Units located within the Tides & Tides II shall not have more than 2 vehicles associated with each unit. Parking 1 vehicle in the driveway is permitted regardless of the number of vehicles owned. If a vehicle is parked in the driveway, it must be parked close to the garage. Golf carts or motorcycles must be parked in the garage and count as 1 of the 2 vehicles allowed.
  • Parking on the street, curb, or blocking the sidewalk while on the driveway is not allowed at any time.
  • Residents and/or occupants are not permitted to park in any guest parking spaces with the following exceptions: When you are picking up at the mailboxes; when you are visiting another Tides/Tides II resident and you cannot walk to their building.
  • Residents of single-family homes and Sandpiper Village are guests and may park in guest parking spaces.
If an owner has another reason for parking in a guest parking space, he or she may call or send an email to the Property Manager with his or her request.