The Single Family Homes residential area, originally designated as "Seabreeze Cove at Sweetwater", is comprised of 399 units.  Although Seabreeze Cove was assumed into the larger Master Homeowners Association in 2007, the Single-Family Homes residential area maintains its own elected representative on the Master Board of Directors.
The Master Board of Directors is the final authority in all aspects of the operation and management of the Sweetwater by Del Webb Homeowners Association.  The Single Family homes residential area has its own elected representative on the Master Board of Directors as do the Sandpiper, Tides, and Tides II residential areas.
Master Advisory Committees 
Four standing advisory committees have been created by the Master Board of Directors - Finance, Property & Grounds, Rules & Regulations, and  Community Facilities, Clubs, & Groups.  Each committee has a specific area of focus and is responsible for advising the Master Board of Directors on issues within its area of focus.   Links to the Master Board of Directors web page as well as links to the Advisory committees can be found in the blue boxes to the right above.
Established by the Declarations and Covenants, the Architectural Review Board is charged with maintaining the Architectural and Landscaping integrity of the Sweetwater Community.  Currently the ARB is assigned by the Master Board of Directors to focus on Single Family homes.  Homeowners wishing to modify any portion of the exterior of their home, including  landscaping, must submit an application to the ARB for approval before undertaking any modification project.  The ARB promulgates the Design Guidelines for Single Family homes which provide specific guidance for carrying out any exterior modification of a home or its lot.  See links to important ARB documents below.  The ARB web page contains detailed information on ARB policies, Design Guidelines, procedures, forms and meeting calendar.  To go to the ARB page click HERE.
Parking Regulations
As specified in Article 6:13 Parking and Vehicular Restrictions of the Master Association Declaration & Covenants.
  • Lots located within Seabreeze Cove at Sweetwater by Del Webb shall have not more than three (3) vehicles associated with the Lot, two (2) of which must be parked in the Owner's garage.
  • No street parking is permitted at any time, and the Master Association reserves the right to tow vehicles, at the Owner's expense, for any vehicle parked in the street or otherwise in violation of this Section.  (This statement is interpreted to apply to the vehicles associated with a homeowner's lot.)
The Speed Limit in Sweetwater is 25 mph.
  • Garbage- Wednesday mornings
  • Yard Waste- Wednesday mornings
  • Recycle- Residents can drop off their recycling at Fort Family Regional Park anytime Monday-Sunday from sunrise to sunset.
    • Fort family Regional Park: 8000 Baymeadows Road East. 
  • Here is a list of acceptable items to recycle. Please make certain that recycled items are cleaned and dry 
Bulk Pickup- Bulk items such as appliances, furniture, etc. (not hazardous waste) is collected free of charge twice per year during the months of May and November. Residents may order additional bulk pickup’s for an additional charge. Please contact Waste Pro directly at 904-731-7288 for more information.  Place waste at sidewalk any time after 5:00 pm, the day before the scheduled pickup.